Las Vegas Nevada Repipe

Las Vegas, NV Residents: Your Pipes May Need Replacing

The Kitec Story Has Been In The News More Than Once in Las Vegas, NV – Don’t Let It Happen To You!

Las Vegas, NV gets the moniker Sin City, courtesy of the strip. The biggest sin outside of that part of town is what we have in our walls. Kitec, Polybutylene, and low quality galvanized pipes are present in quite a few area homes.

Bad winters with sudden cold snaps have led to frozen and burst pipes for more than a few homeowners, but bigger plumbing problems are brewing in much of the city. If you think you have sub-standard piping material on your property, call 702-731-9400 now. One of our professional repiping plumbers will evaluate the potential for property damage from piping in your home.

It starts with a strange taste in the water. Discoloration. Your shower pressure gradually weakens, and your water bills go up. Somewhere on the property, you’ve got at least one bad pipe.

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Delta Mechanical saves you money. Not by cutting corners. Our turnkey parts and quick service let us handle more jobs, quickly and efficiently. We use only the best materials on the market, like copper repiping, and AquaPEX.

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